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Need advice upgrading from to



I developed my first Prestashop site with version I purchased and installed a theme and a couple of add-ons, and spent quite some time customizing hooks, modules and CSS.


I was trying to update to but this raised a couple of issues/questions:


Before the upgrade, 1-click upgrade indicates that 32 modified files have been detected, including 22 core files. My question is: can we still upgrade if core files have been modified? Maybe the theme did this, maybe the add-ons, I’m not sure.


I still went ahead with the upgrade on a test server, and it doesn’t look so bad, except that I lost a couple of customizations on various pages and some homepage modules disappeared.


So I’m starting to wonder whether it’s possible to seamlessly update Prestashop without breaking the site every time. Am I missing something?


Thank you very much in advance for your help and support!



Hakkında PrestaEticaret

Firmamız; e-ticaret sektöründe hizmet sunmak için 2009 yılında PrestaEticaret olarak İzmir’de kurulmuştur. Kurulduğu tarihten itibaren bireysel ve kurumsal tüm müşterilerin memnuniyetine önem vermiş, güvenli ve hızlı çözümler üretmiştir. 2009 yılı son çeyreğinde hizmet halkasını genişleterek sektör firmalarına internet danışmanlık hizmeti de vermeye başlamıştır. Bu alanda hizmet politikasını daima müşteri odaklı tutarak ihtiyaca en uygun çözümü sağlamayı hedeflemiş ve başarmıştır. Diğer e-ticaret ve danışmanlık şirketlerinden farklı olarak zamana dayalı bilgi ve tecrübesini müşterileriyle paylaşarak, hizmet standartlarını zirvede tutmayı ilke edinmiş bir oluşumdur. Hizmetlerimizden faydalanın prestijinizi ve satışlarınızı arttırın.

Yorumlar ( 3 )

  1. bellini13

    Installing themes/modules would not change core files.  Can you provide a list of these 32 modified files so we can understand better what they are.


    You will lose customizations to the core files and modules when you upgrade, there is no way around that.  As for your theme changes, you might also lose those changes, depending on the options you configured in the module, which you didn’t specify.

  2. jhert

    Thank you so much for your reply! And thanks for confirming that installing themes and modules would not change core files, this is reassuring.


    This is the list of core files that are considered modified:


    • img/favicon.ico
    • modules/ps_banner/config.xml
    • modules/ps_banner/ps_banner.php
    • modules/ps_imageslider/config.xml
    • modules/ps_imageslider/ps_imageslider.php
    • modules/ps_linklist/config.xml
    • modules/ps_linklist/views/templates/admin/linkwidget/helpers/form/form.tpl
    • modules/ps_linklist/ps_linklist.php
    • modules/welcome/config.xml
    • modules/welcome/OnBoarding/OnBoarding.php
    • modules/welcome/js/src/OnBoarding.js
    • modules/welcome/public/module.css
    • modules/welcome/public/module.js
    • modules/welcome/scss/_navbar.scss
    • modules/welcome/scss/_popup.scss
    • modules/welcome/scss/_tooltip.scss
    • modules/welcome/views/content.tpl
    • modules/welcome/views/contents/end.tpl
    • modules/welcome/webpack.config.js
    • modules/welcome/welcome.php
    • robots.txt


    Plus an additional 10 for e-mails:


    • mails/en/in_transit.html
    • mails/en/in_transit.txt
    • mails/en/order_customer_comment.html
    • mails/en/order_customer_comment.txt
    • modules/ps_emailsubscription/mails/en/newsletter_conf.html
    • modules/ps_emailsubscription/mails/en/newsletter_conf.txt
    • modules/ps_emailsubscription/mails/en/newsletter_verif.html
    • modules/ps_emailsubscription/mails/en/newsletter_verif.txt
    • modules/ps_emailsubscription/mails/en/newsletter_voucher.html
    • modules/ps_emailsubscription/mails/en/newsletter_voucher.txt


    Would it be correct to assume that these files (except favicon.ico) are considered modified because these particular modules were updated after the release of


    This morning I didn’t realize that I had a couple of modules that needed an upgrade, including 1-click upgrade. Shame on me… I updated everything and tried another upgrade to This time it ended without errors.


    The remaining issues are more or less cosmetic: on the homepage I used to have a blog module that displayed the latest articles, and this is gone. I disabled a couple of blocks like Featured categories, or Brands, and they are back. In the contact info at the bottom of the homepage I only had Facebook and Youtube, and now Twitter, Vimeo, RSS and Instagram are back. So it’s like a couple of theme options got reset to default.


    The theme is ZOneTheme by the way, the blog is Prestablog.


    It is not an huge amount of work to set it all back to how it was, but it would be nice if I could carry over my previous configuration and have an identical website after the upgrade. Would you have any advice?


    Again, thanks a lot!!

  3. horiatb

    That list is not of the files you have modified. Those are the files modified in the new PS version. So you don’t need to worry about them. What you see there is a diff between the old and new PS version. 

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